Dallas Pro-Am Jam

I had an awesome time working and dancing at DFW ProAm Jam… danced till I see double and my legs about to melt to the floor with every additional spin…. Looking forward for another fantastic coming up weekend with Dallas Lindy 😉

Set4 019

Our first workshops were half kids from Lori’s young adult class

Set4 027

Walking into competitors’ meeting

Set4 028

The competitors meeting

Set4 031

Calling out “problem” competitors

Set4 033 (2)

Gary and I working at the register and drawing our raffle winners

Set4 033

we got a winner!

Set4 036

tired people watching and resting in between the dances

Set4 042

my teacher Patty

Set4 043

Jake with all of his partners… ohlala

Set4 044

Jake my Pro partner