2013-06-04 010

Really excited for this dance event this year, not only will I be volunteering, I will also be the official representative for Karizmah Dance Shoes – the premier dance shoes seller in DFW area.

2013-06-04 016

Of course, registration desk with Kirk is still my home front.

2013-06-04 018

They got fun themes for the dances this year too, where you have to dress up for the theme of the dance. One of them is “Western”, the best dressed for each theme will receive a $40 gift certificate from Karizmah Dance Shoes.

2013-06-04 021

The picture area has a little “jail”, with steel bars, of course.

2013-06-04 020

Me trying to hold my laugh.

2013-06-04 023

The happiest prisoner!

2013-06-04 025

Jerry and Kathy Warwicks teaching beginners class

After class lunch at Angry Dog, the best hotdog place in the area

2013-06-04 031

I know they are probably worst to your health, but best to your taste buds

2013-06-04 032

Here goes my hotdog and french fries.

2013-06-04 036

Saturday night dancing

2013-06-04 037

a horse that does split

2013-06-04 040

Saturday night version of jail, except I got an buddy to join me.

With Alex.

Thaddeus at the hair decorations stand

2013-06-04 053

Went to Twisted Roots for Sunday lunch after the morning class.  They got these special root beers called “Twisted Root Beer”

2013-06-04 058

Got love Falty – not only for his class, but also his name.  The way I remember it – it’s not “broken”, it’s “Falty”.

2013-06-04 076

Todd, another workshop instructor

2013-06-04 085

Award Ceremony, first place

2013-06-04 089

Practicing juggling with another

With Thaddeus (as of “Zack” “di” “us” with a “th”)