Dancing class in Terry’s studio

Terry teaching guys the basic 6-counts west coast swing

Last night one of the master dancers asked me to join his class in his studio today…

“So… is it a beginners class?” I was a little worried since it is the beginning of his next term, and the class is 3 hours, with transportation it will take up a chunk of my day if I decided to go.

“hmm… as I mentioned, this class is a 6-beat pattern class-which is basic, buuuut I think you will get something out of it.” then he let out a wink….

“oooook…” I said, half-hesitating, “I will try to make it…”

Well I almost decided not to go because I overslept my nap, but then I really didn’t want to work on my blog – I spent a whole day yesterday debugging and customizing some plug-ins, do I really want to sit in front of a computer all day today? So off I went and as usual, I’m glad I went:

1. I learned an new type of sit/anchoring step – the normal type (I know this sounds funny but I’m not kidding, this is what the basic anchoring is all about). I knew it was new to me because I started my dancing with what we called a “plain-vanilla” triple. The normal type is actually stepping back in the middle step during the tripple, which creates a stretch as you put your foot back. I’ve seen some girls poped a wave while doing this, which is very sexy….

2. I reviewed the J-hook/hand… I didn’t use that for the longest time. But instead of the “plain-vanilla” tripple step in the middle of your 6-beat count, you tuck your foot under your other foot in the middle to create another stretch in the middle of a pattern.

3. I learned to stay put, to let my foot keep in close contact with the floor as to maintain the smoothness and flexibility.