Double Tower, Guilin, China

We weren’t surprised when hordes of travel agencies, hotel agents, and drivers hounded us at the train station in the middle of this too touristy city.  But we also knew for sure that train station isn’t exactly an attractive place to stay around, so we ventured out to the city center to look for a more interesting place to stay.  I really wanted to see Li River, so after numerous visits to hotels too cheap and too horrible to stay in, we decided to spill some 300 RMB ($50) for a top floor river view room.

The Li River view from my hotel, for a frugal traveler like me, that is worth it.

2013-11-18 007

For dinner, we had a rice noodle bowl full of snails.

2013-11-18 021_stitch

After dinner, we found a little park not far from the hotel.

2013-11-18 011

By eavesdropping on a guide, we learned that the yellow tower was actually made of bronze. Though the two towers looked separate, they were actually connected by an underground aquarium.

2013-11-18 017

Relief at one of the small squares.

2013-11-18 019

Mom’s favorite building, “I love how outlines are build in matching colors. It actually matches the calm water.”

2013-11-18 032

Me and mom

2013-11-18 035

The Chinese word means “soul mate” or “confidant”.

2013-11-18 036

Nightly view from my hotel window.