Eating around Shanghai

Went with Yang to visit Shanghai and bumped into a café with his name….

2014-08-09 005

That night we met a few of his friends.

2014-08-09 007

One of my ex-colleague, Vadjra (front left) showed up.

We then moved to the bar area, took up the entire bar bench.

Yang and Vaj.

2014-08-09 017

The most awesome bartender.

2014-08-09 018

Later we had Taiwanese foods with some of his Taiwanese friends.

Next morning I met up with Gavin, my first inspiration in simultaneous interpretation.  Gavin used to work with me (where I translate and he interprets) back in my translation company days.  He now free-lances for a living.

a tofu cut out like a book.

More delicacies back in Beijing. One of my coworkers used her birthday card for a cake.

2014-08-09 024

Enjoy everyday, so the characters on the cake said.