Eating around Wuhan

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They say that hot and dry noodles is a Wuhan specialty.  Well I didn’t feel it that way till I went to Beijing.  Now that I’m here, time to enjoy it to the maximum….

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Went with a colleague for a yoga class.  She brought me to this really nice looking residential community just right next to one of the busiest shopping center in Wuhan.  Yoga class? in someone’s apartment?

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Turned out due to the ideal location right next to the shopping center, these nice apartments were converted into small business units to.  And the yoga class? fantastic.  Right off the teacher lent me her yoga clothing since I was a starter and didn’t have a set myself.  The class was very small, and all the tools were provided– yoga mats, blocks, blankets to keep you warm went you meditate, and even yoga pillows.  But I do have to note the highlight of the class was the yoga pillow.  Laying on those huge rectangular block pillows, was one of the best way to relax your posture.  After the class, I asked the teacher where to get one myself, “online, and it costs around 600RMB ($100).”  Really?  Somehow making this kind of pillow sounds like a really good business now, I could also get a huge block of quality foam and cut them into rectangular body pillows and sell them for 500RMB, right?

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Among a dozen of beauty salons and skin care boutiques, these residential buildings also house a bunch of language learning center and child development centers, not to mention your lawyers, accountants, and even a small hotel.

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The shopping center right across will keep you entertained for days

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Went to a coffee shop to work on my weekend project.  The tiny coffee shop was hiding in the back of the center so it was very quiet.  I was the only guest sitting in its quaint attic.  Aside from the coffee itself, I’m wonder why the spoon has to be tweaked like that.  I mean, it really doesn’t fit in this cup, but it’s very pretty regardless.

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Ever since I got my feet here, I’ve been craving for those grilled stuff on a stick….

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Among my favorites are lamb, pork, sausage, and these octopus legs

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I spent later that night in another, also my favorite, coffee shop.  Here, you could enjoy a quiet working environment surrounded by bookshelves, interesting plants, and odd sculptures.  And their menu is clearly written by a girl…

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Bamboo rice bowls.  Steam rice in those bamboo bowls and the rice should absorb some bamboo fragrance….wonder where they get these interesting-looking bowls. I wanna get some!

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A bunch of guys lighted up candles shaped like a huge heart by the entrance of the apartment building and then they screamed out a girl’s name (who apparently lives here). After she came down from her flat, one of them declared his love/proposed to her(don’t know which one)…..

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sitting at a Chinese fast food cafe and trying out my first sip of HOT orange juice, yummm….

2 thoughts on “Eating around Wuhan

  1. Did I told you I ordered one ‘hot dry noodle’ and gave it up half way through…not appealing to my stomach it seems

    • I don’t remember if you did, but I bet you went to the wrong shop for it… it really makes a difference..