Eating, Shopping

First time I got a plant baby, you just soak it for an hour then it will grow these green hairs a few days later.

First time trying spicy clam with potato noodles. “You have to eat all the clams first, then put the potato noodles in the soup and eat it while its hot.”

Ok, except it got way too spicy that I had to buy a bottle of soup from them too….

Getting my cell phone a cover… “but we don’t have any for your model”  The lady said without a second thought.

“What about these.” I picked up a leather folder, “I just want something like this.”

“Ok, sure, we’ll have to poke a couple holes for your cell phone”

Before I knew it, the guy took up a sample of different cell phone cover holes and started his comparing work.

2013-07-09 077

He found the right shape and nailed it into my cover.  There, I got a cover for my phone.


One of the most complicated Chinese characters – all for a noodle dish.  Are you sure the uneducated folks from way back then came up with this name?