El Cafayate, Argentina

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The first stop after getting out of Paraguay was Formosa, a small Argentinian town right on the border with south of Paraguay.  I got dropped off here in a bad storm, and I really want to continue with the bus to its next stop, Resistencia, where it will have more buses going to Salta.  But since I did not know this same bus continues to to Resistencia and they do not have a ticket booth in Formosa to sell me an onward ticket, I had to get off here.  Fortunate the bus arrived early and I caught a direct bus to Salta leaving in 20 minutes.

After some 12 hours of bus ride, I arrived to Salta.  Then I found out another bus leaving to El Cafayatte in an hour.  So I decided to visit El Cafayate first instead of staying in Salta.  That was not a bad decision, out of the 4 hours of bus ride from Salta to El Cafayate, the first hour were lots of wine fields, then 2 hours of continuous mountain ranges in all sorts of colors, and ending with another hour of continuous wine fields.

After 24 hours of bus ride from Asucion, it was quite a change when I got into this little village with fresh air.  Everywhere was little village buildings and the village was surrounded by endless vinyards.  After some walks around the area I came back to the hostel with a group of fresh Argentinian faces around the barbeque area in the balcony, “do you want join us?”

Why not.

From El Cafayate, Argentina, posted by Jenny Zheng on 8/05/2012 (171 items)

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