El Tatio Geysers, San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

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We had to wake up and be ready for the tour around 4:30am. Somehow my alarm did not work that morning. However I was nervous enough that I woke up – naturally – around 4am. We quickly got ready and were picked up soon after that. We had the hardest time falling asleep on the bus that morning – despite the fact San Padre de Atacama was pretty hot (imagine a desert town in summer), it was getting colder and colder as we gradually going up to 4000 meter altitude, and both of us got very bad stomach problems from last night’s cheap dinner and very thirsty since we didn’t drink any water while rushing in the morning and the dry climate quickly affected us.

We half slept until the entrance of national park. While Pavel got off to pay for our park tickets, I picked myself up to check out the restroom. The restroom was surprisingly clean. When I was done with toilett, I realized that the lock on my door broke and I was locked inside my toilet. I was so scared that I screamed “AYUDA!”, by the third scream I heard a woman outside. She said something that I didn’t understand. After a few minutes in the dark (since my room was near the end of the bathroom and didn’t receive much lighting), she came over, banged open the door, “total bien!”

From El Tatio Geysers, Chile, posted by Jenny Zheng on 7/22/2012 (84 items)

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