Fez, Morocco

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After missing our train station, we finally found our way back and arrived Fez. On the train we were approached by a Moroccan man, “why take a train going to Merrakesh? take a camel!” We thought this was a good idea and took his offer for a safari trip. “xx euros a day, including transportation, 2 overnight stays in Sahara, and all the food and supplies”… we really had no idea if xx euros (equivalent of $xx per day) is a good price. “I really like this guy,” Christian said, “we’ll take it.”

The man also told us how to backout our hostel reservation in the Old Medina district of Fez, and which cheap hotel to look for in the new down-town. Following his instructions, we found his suggested hotels in the new down-town. The first two hotels were simply horrible for a hotel quality. So we settled with the third option. We also took his suggestions on the restaurant, where we met him and his father watching the game on TV.

He even arranged us a tour guide in Medina. The guide was very comprehensive and I’m surprised how much I have learned from just 3 hours of walk with him among thousands of stalls in the old Medina. He asked if we wanted to have another tour, but we wanted to have the afternoon to ourselves so we bade him good bye. It wasn’t long for us to realize that he knew everyone in his suggested places. Which made us suspicious if this is a scam, or if he actually over charged us.

After a stroll around the city we met him up later that evening at a smoke bar. We tried to talk the price down, he eventually backed down to xx euros per day. Then after some considerations, we decided to back out from our contract simply we didn’t feel good about the validity of this arrangement. It was then he became really emotional, there were a bit of tear coming out of the corner of his eyes as he demanded me to delete all of the pictures of him on my camera. As he watched me deleting them, I told him to calm down and leave us alone to discuss a bit more about what to do. So me and Christian sat down by ourselves, after some considerable thoughts, Christian said it’s a good idea to have a peace of mind and let him go but it would be a bad idea to miss out a good opportunity if this is real. So we ended up coming back and booking with him. Instantly you could see a huge smile coming out from his tears as he demanded a deposit… “look, I can give you this price, but you gonna have to let me have these photos from your safari trip and give out good recommendations.” Ok, no problem. Christian took a leap of faith and gave the man his deposit.

This is really how things were done? We literally signed up a couple hundred dollars of trip without any written prove or physical agency.

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