First Day in Sahara, Morocco

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We spent most of the day resting since no one wants to take the camels out under the heat. I took a stroll around the area, checking out other hotels…. There were quite a few nice hotels.  One of them was fully air-conditioned with a swimming pool, a rare sight in this desolate part of the earth.  Another decked out a king-size bed right outside, just imagine sleeping right under the stars…

Coming back, I found Christian talking with the hotel owner, we were then brought into a room and tried on some veils.  They were the huge long ones, I never had such a big piece of cloth around my head, but they were quite pretty so I bought a tortoise veil

In the evening, we left for the tented camp in the dunes.  A little kid tagged along with us to go back to his village in the desert. I guess by his age (something like 3-4) he already got used to visitors from all over the world as he looked at us with his facetious smile. As we approached his village, we could see more and more tented houses on the dunes.  Little kids running down the dunes, crying with joy.  Their laughter echoed from the sky as the sun gradually lowering itself to meet with the dunes.  Ahhh… Sahara…

The hotel we stayed with has its own tent  not far out from the village for its visitors.  As soon as we got settled, each of us walked to our own little worlds to enjoy our own pieces of Sahara.  Yes, that’s right, there aren’t that many places in the world let people to have as this much of his own space than Sahara.

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