First Week in Beijing, Internet, Lindyhop, etc.

set12 001

Femi was right on my troublemaking skills…. I had internet problem in my aunt’s house, while I was fixing this problem, I broke their connection as well.

My aunt was obviously not happy….

set12 009

Found these laser advertisements poping up next to the train window while the metro was running….

set12 010set12 011

Stopped by this Chinese fast food restaurant that specialized in the egg skin wraps and different vegetables boiled on skewers…

set12 014

I heard many things about lindyhop in Beijing, so one night I decided to stop by their classes.  Turns out tonight their class was in this building right next to China Dance Academy, and the entire building were different dance studios….

set12 015

I found a hodgepodge of Chinese and non-Chinese learning one of my favorite dances…

set12 018

One evening as I walked by the metro, I found a little karaoke stand next to the station. People pay and and take their turns to sign along with the TV set up outdoor

set12 019

Another person got married in my office, I love the box made from the Chinese paper cutting.  Now I really liked people getting married here…

set12 023

The fountain not far from my office building reminds me of Vegas somehow….

set12 025

PizzaHut delivery bike not far from where I live

set12 026

Weekend is here… I found a group of elderly choir singing in the park.  The weather was just perfect.  Their patriotic songs attracted a huge crowd..

set12 028

Another thing I liked about China, these little gifts are neat to give out from promotions.  Like this one… a pen made like a flower

set12 029

and the promotion isn’t bad either.. a photography shop doing 50% off per sessionset12 030

Next up, my colleague at work promised to show me some genuine Beijing fried soybean noodle.  So we went to Old Beijing Fried Soybean Noodle Restaurant as our stomach started complaining.

set12 032

Some traditional Beijing Snack.  The grey one is the fried sausage with its yellowish ginger dip in a small bowl next to it.  The red one is the Red Shanzha fruit – very sweet.

set12 034

and the main player – Beijing fried soybean noodle, with the fried soybean sauce served next to the noodle itself.

set12 037

and that’s how you mix it.  Take chopsticks apart, and..well, mix.

set12 038

Trying to get my grandma some nutritious stuff, so this Chinese medicine is actually USD100 per pound…well, let’s hope that’s really worth it.  No, I did not get her this box.  I got a smaller box, if it works, I’m considering upgrading to this one…


Then Sunday I got myself another famous Beijing dish.  Peking duck, you are suppose to roll the duck with a bit of sesame sauce, onion, and bean sprout in a thin flour wrap, kinda like a small burrito, if you know what I mean….

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