Food, Food, Food

An intern in our office went to Jeju Island for vacation (yes, the one with the sunken boat recently) and brought us gifts.

Apparently the island is known for its numerous Korean desserts, just a bit more for your sweet tooth.

I was on a roll for Japanese teppanyaki this week, a friend and I was bored enough that we decided to hang around a mall until we hit this place.

2014-04-22 003

Meat and fish ingredients.

2014-04-22 004

The huge shrimp.

2014-04-22 009

Our dinner

2014-04-22 020

shrimp salad I had one night….

I decided to spend Sunday eating Beijing duck while visiting the west side of Beijing.  I love watching chef slicing the duck right in front of you.  Apparently there is much art to slicing, there is three traditional ways of duck slicing.

2014-04-22 014

Duck and numerous Beijing delicacies.

Vegetables wrapped in cool jelly.

Mushroom soup.

2014-04-22 026

We had hotpot for a Friday night.  This Ying-Yang Hot Pot got the best for both worlds – the left, pepper-filled half is for spicy dip, and the right half is the clear soup.


2014-04-22 023

The Shanghainese girl flying from Hongkong for a dance event in Beijing this weekend.  She’s staying at my place during the event.

Scooping up the mushed shrimp for the hot pot.