Forbidden City Corner Tower, Zhongshan Park, Beijing

Funniest thing happened that day as I was walking outside the Forbidden City.  A street vendor came up trying to sell me something.  I ignored her swiftly and, like any Chinese, dexterously avoided her blockage.  From our back came up another lady, “she’s  a foreigner. You can’t sell her things in Chinese.  I speak a bit of English, I will go up to her.”

2014-09-24 001

We started our fun day by digging for a French bakery at a mall.  We didn’t find the bakery but we found those cakes from another high-end bakery.

The top is plastic, but everything under her dress is eatable (ewww this sounds a little wrong…).

2014-09-24 009

And we were greeted with the fattest terra cotta worriers yet.

2014-09-24 010

With fat expressions.

2014-09-24 012

After failing on finding the bakery we decided to check out the corner tower of the forbidden city.  My friend Xiaolin, a long-time resident in Beijing, told me that the Corner Tower is rated the most beautiful spot in Beijing this autumn. 

the 2 kilometers of walk is worth it!

2014-09-24 023

From the Corner Tower you could easily find Zhongshan Park.  One of the first parks established after the fall of Qing Dynasty Empire.

The 8-sided gazebo was supposedly inscribed with Chinese medicine scriptures, but were erased during the Cultural Revolution.

Love the red wall.

2014-09-24 030 (2)

An office building set inside Zhongshan Park. Who would it be?

2014-09-24 030

Of course, Communist Political Committee will have the gut to claim this piece of gold mine.

2014-09-24 033

Their meeting room. I would love to have my meetings here.

A hall in remembrance of Sun Zhongshan, founder of the Republic of China (now moved to Taiwan).

2014-09-24 036

A half-cylinder concert hall on the left, and a little “shrine” to honor the 5 colors of earth in China.

2014-09-24 045

5 colors of earth in China – if China has all 5 colors, then it is a complete country, so it was said.

2014-09-24 050

flower beds shaped like lucky clouds.


2014-09-24 055

2014-09-24 058

Me and the lion.

An extremely old tree, so old that it has lost a section before reaching to the very top.

2014-09-24 065

2014-09-24 066_stitch

Long hall for summer shade during old times.

2014-09-24 068

2014-09-24 073_stitch

2014-09-24 074 (2)

Not sure what are these for.

2014-09-24 076

Dried water lily flower beds, but the water lily flowers are still around.

2014-09-24 078

2014-09-24 090

2014-09-24 091

2014-09-24 092

2014-09-24 097

Coming out from Zhongshan park is the Tiananmen Square in time for the holiday decoration.

Some of the stuff around Tiananmen is so old – like this baby lion –  that it has lost a lot of its prominent features.

2014-09-24 102_stitch

Tiananmen Square preparing for the national holiday.

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