Foreign Girl wanted for office job (Caucasian preferred) – Interested anyone?

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Foreign Girl wanted for office job (Caucasian preferred)

Job ID:162443
Post City:Beijing
Posted by:faceeip
Post Date:Jul 05, 2012 14:10
Employment Type:Full Time
Recruiter Type:Agent

About Employer:
Employer Name: Facee International
Facee International is a multi divisional company dealing with Intellectual Property, Appliances and manufacturing and software development.

Work Location:
Jiandemen Station, line 10 subway station area

Job Description:
Facee International is a multi-divisional company whom is seeking to expand its resources and bring our appliance division into the international market.

We are seeking a 25-35 year old Caucasian female from the USA, UK, Canada or Australia.
The position details:
Secretary: Standard HR works
Translator/Interpreter: You will deal translating documents for our Appliance division and interpreting any required meetings.
Website content management: You will be responsible for the English version of the division’s website.
Language Training: You will develop and execute a top quality language program for the leaders.


1. American, British, Canadian, or Australian Citizen. You Must be a native English speaker
2. Your Chinese must be fluent!
3. Domestic travel is required however, it is not very often
4. Currently living in Beijing


Just to help you to understand a little more, what they really means is “we need a young girl – blond, blue eyes, skin as white as possible, to show off how “upscale” our office is.  If you are Asian, Black, or showed any tanning in your skin, please don’t apply. ”

To make things worse, in China, there is a new field of jobs called “Face Jobs”.  These are jobs that are hired based on your race and age.  As shallow as they sound, yes – you really don’t need to have any skills to get paid.  A lot times company would hire a Caucasian for only one day to represent the company in a particular occasion.  Most of those “white-face” companies are luxury product makers like perfume or leather manufacturers.  They would hire a white guy for one day, asking him to tell prospect that he’s representing a company from France or Italy, and sign up the prospect clients for future business. Since most of the times those Caucasians applicants would not want to act fraudulently to discredit themselves in future, most of the time they were not told what they were hired for until the day they showed up for the job.

As a Chinese, I feel pretty embarrassed by this sub-par behavior.  Unfortunately, this extensive discrimination is broadcasted just about everywhere in China.  If you are white, you are supposedly upscale and someone larger than life.  And I feel especially offended these company alluded that Asians are not upscale enough to associate themselves with luxury.    It’s one thing that the hiring manager fantasizes some blond chick sitting in his office all day, it’s another when he blaringly post it on a public hiring website.  As China starting to play a more important role on international stage, its citizens better get their heads over with their own inferiority complex or feel the consequences of this kind of immature behavior.