Gaiman, Argentina

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Our trip to Punta Tombo has an optional stop to Gaiman for its tea, but I was the only one wanting to try its Welsh teas passed on by its Welsh immigrants five generations ago, so I ended up taking being dropped off by the Trelew bus station and taking a bus there by myself. I stopped by the oldest tea house in town right in the town center.  The tea was expensive – one set of tea costs you around 70 pesos (15 USD).  But it comes with big bottle of tea with a full assortment of locally produced Welsh desserts.  I just wished I was here with someone – this would bring a nice conversation.  I wouldn’t mind to study here either, though it would be pretty expensive for one sitting of study.  Fortunately the tea house has a little library on its own with quite of a few books about the natives here in English, so I learned quite a bit while enjoying the tea and deserts on my own.

“Gaiman, Argentina”

From Gaiman, Argentina, posted by Jenny Zheng on 1/21/2012 (46 items)

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