Getty Center, Los Angeles

Going from the airport to my cousin’s UCLA apartment, we passed by a huge mansion on top of a hill. “That’s Getty Center.” My cousin proudly pointed out, “it has the biggest private art collection in the world.  But I haven’t visited it yet.”

Then let’s get that done before you move out of LA Smile

The museum itself is free, however, parking is $15.  After you park in one of the underground garages, the elevator will take you to the train station on the ground level.

2015-02-25 115

The train wound half-way around the mountain, where you get a clear view of the mansions cross Interstate 405, the busiest highway in the country.

2015-02-25 118

Not sure what this complex is for, but it certainly piqued everyone’s interest.

2015-02-25 120

The other end of the track is the museum.

2015-02-25 122

The one-of-a-kind air, a top of the mountain specialty, suddenly cleared your slumber mind and eyes.  Before you know it, another gorgeous building sitting on the hill right across from us quietly posed in front of you. 

“What is it?” I asked.

“I don’t know.  A retirement complex?  There are loads of them around here.” My cousin hypothesized.

2015-02-25 124

Getty Center.

We were greeted by countless interesting sculptures at the entrance.

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2015-02-25 128

Turner exhibit is on right now.

2015-02-25 129

We took a tour learning about the architecture design of the center.

2015-02-25 130

The buildings was designed by Richard Meier, a famous architect known for his modern and luxurious designs.  He covered the center with his usual bright white material , and 30×30 bricks.  The delicate line up of the bricks created strong visuals of continuous lines throughout the center.

2015-02-25 133

A view of UCLA, my cousin’s campus, from the Center.

2015-02-25 135

We were lucky to have landed a clear day, where downtown LA is in the view.

2015-02-25 137

Of course, the I409 and its mansions.

2015-02-25 139

Trees are strictly planted in straight line, trimmed to the tee.

Our guide going over the bright white brick selection, very typical to Richard Meier.

2015-02-25 144

and canvas entrance, creating a welcoming shade.

2015-02-25 145

Look at where the lines break, they keep going on the next side, creating a continuous flow.

The center is 7-stories tall, but you can’t tell until you look down.

2015-02-25 148

White corridors leading to office buildings

Sculpture standing at the end of the center, like a face, bracing incoming wind.

2015-02-25 151

Granites imported from Italy, where they make different sounds when knocked in different places.  A few musicians even held a small concert with these granites.

When these granites were cut, they split differently along their own faults, so each one of them is different. If you are lucky enough, you may even witness fossils surfaced there.

Another view on how precise the trees were aligned.

2015-02-25 156

Now to the tourist center.

Talking about the granites.

2015-02-25 158

Hidden door.

2015-02-25 161_stitch

beautiful, quiet garden, despite the crowd of guests.

2015-02-25 163

2015-02-25 164

Our tour ended around the zigzag trial.

2015-02-25 175

After our tour ended, we started touring around the collections.

2015-02-25 168

Gigantic chorus books.

2015-02-25 169

Interesting sculpture showing the contrast of appearance and reality. What seemed as two people making love is actually a man trying to save Jesus, with a space in between the bodies.

Famous da Vinci painting

I wonder how he created the foldings in the sleeves.

The cacti garden.

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2015-02-25 187

2015-02-25 188

The center is also known for its photography collection.

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The garden is centered around the pond overlooking LA.

2015-02-25 197

ducks love here.

2015-02-25 208

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2015-02-25 215

Since it was the Chinese New Year, the museum took a special interest in their Chinese guests with the year of sheep greeting in Chinese.

Coming down the mountain, we witnessed the rush hour traffic on I405.

2015-02-25 182

My cousin and I.