Gobi Desert, Mongolia, Part III – Yol Canyon

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After having a restless sleep on top of a couple rocks under my mattress, we set out for our next destination – Yol Canyon. Passing through a couple towns to get our supplies, I truly loved the small and distant feelings in Mongolian desert towns.

We arrived Yol Canyon at the sunset – a bit too late to get into the canyon as the temperature dropped very quickly. So we decided to camp at the entrance of the canyon for the night and then head into the canyon next morning. We woke up fairly early the next morning and set out for the canyon. Not too far after getting into the canyon we met a friendly dog hunting by itself. It tagged along with us while worked on catching its pikas and other small animals – a truly interesting sight. We walked a long the streams formed by melted ice from the top of the canyon to the other end. At one point, the stream was frozen and the guide explained to us that this part of the stream is always frozen on the surface because the sun could never get to it. There were also many other parts of the canyon carrying year-round snow.

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