Gobi Desert, Mongolia, Part IV – Singing Dunes

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This is the most fun part of this tour – we get to ride camels, yay!  To my surprise, the camels here are a lot bigger than the ones I rode in Africa, perhaps because these camels have two humps instead of one.  Though they are still a bit smelly, they are a lot cleaner and friendlier (especially mine) than the ones I have ridden before.

One thing I could not forget about this camel: some camels would raise up as soon as we mount without doing anything. Well at one point I almost mounted, but my camel raised up too early. So I was left hanging half way in between the mount and the ground. I was freaking out so badly (because it is not funny to fall from such a tall animal) that I screamed for help. A couple minutes later the train leader finally got me back on the mount. As soon as I sat myself up on the camel, the camel turned her neck around and caressed my leg with her fluffy nose – “every thing is ok” and went back to work. Awwww…

After our camel rides, I took a nap then decided to go up to the dunes again. While walking up on the dune, I saw a couple other people going up as well. They waved at me, I waved at them. Then I made my way to a big hole that looked like a volcano in the middle of a dune and tried to take a couple pictures of myself, but the wind blew my tripod off and immediately my camera’s lens was filled with sand – that camera is useless from now on…

So I went to these other people on the dunes for help. It turned out they were two couples, one from Germany and the other one from France. They got nice big LSD cameras and they took some pictures for me as well. We had so much fun taking pictures that we started chatting about our trips. It turned out that they also booked the same tour agency with us, but they do not have a guide so they were working up with the driver on where they want to go each day. “This is much cheaper,” they told me, “you should consider it”. I agreed, but our guide does make a good chunk of her contribution, so for me it was worth it either way.

Later that evening I found my guide waiting for me at the two couple’s camp site. “How do you know I’m here?” I was obviously quite surprised.

“Well, we work in the same agency.” The guide pointed at their driver, “he told me that he saw you going up the tunes with his customer.”

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