Going to Jiuzhaigou, Tibetan Zone, China

Was contemplating whether I should take a half-hour plane or a 10-hour bus to Jiuzhaigou, but I was told the bus ride is one of the most scenic in China.  So I got on the bus from Chengdu this morning.  Since I had very little sleep last night, I took a nap on the bus.  Little did I know what I found when I woke up.

We passed many villages along the river, one of them named itself “Home of Yu the Great”.

A temple in the village

Scenic route along the river.

Entering the old Wenchuan, or the epicenter of 2008 Sichuan Earthquake.

A dam.

Small town next to the river.

Ok, let’s admit that, as scenic as this place is, we are only 2 hours from Chengdu, so a highway traffic jam is normal.

An hour after passing the Wenchuan ruins from the earthquake, we entered the New Wenchuan, rebuilt after the earthquake.

The New Wenchuan Hotel marks the other side of the rising city.

Looking back at the New Wenchuan

A slogan blessing Wenchuan residents.

Then we passed some more earthquake ravaged sites.


We found all sorts of interesting fruits, like this colorful basket of tomatoes.

This place reminded me of South America – even these tunnels are exactly the same shape as those in South America.

Passing through another very modern-looking city, probably to cover the population of another earthquake-ravaged city.

However, villages like this looked more reasonably traditional.

Despite the already-higher altitudes, these power lines go even higher on the mountain.

2013-08-22 136

We got stuck here for an hour.

Where I got the time to take a picture of me in my last clean dress in my suitcase.  Time to do laundry – if I only got the time in my tight working and traveling schedule.

Yaks from the region.

We stopped by a huge lake

Me and the lake.

Beef on a skewer.

You could tell you have entered the Tibetan region, the houses started to look different.

Some villages are so high up the mountain that I often wondered how they haul their furniture up there.

Then we started seeing snow mountains.

… and Tibetan temples.

We have arrived in Jiuzhaigou.  It’s funny to see crane so deep in the mountain.  But the truth is, Jiuzhaigou is still developing and expanding.

Dinning with girls from our bus, all from Chengdu.  They come here for one of their first vacations.

With the flood and mudslide blocking the transportation this year, it is not a good year for this tourism city.  The hotel was so desperate that it took me in for only 70 yuan (about 10 US dollars)  a night – though I agreed to share the room with another female traveler if they could find another business.  A typical hotel room usually cost around 300-400 yuan (about 50 US dollars)  per night this time of the year.

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