Going to Shashi, Moving to BeiJing

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I  met a lot of relatives in Shashi, granted I got somewhere around 200 of them.  One of my numerous aunt (she’s 8 years older than me) invited me to eat hotpot with her family….

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You are suppose to boil your food in the soup in the middle bowl and then put on the spicy flavor in the outer bowl.

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Coming back to Wuhan, I spent the rest of my golden holiday shopping.  I found these re-usable pocket heaters that lasts 24 hours at an outdoors shop.  Although it looked very appealing, I’m not sure how to get its heat source since it’s completely written in Korean.

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Mom recommended these milk puddings topped with red beans at a night market

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Found this books “Democracy in China” in a bookstore’s English section.  I’m curious what is allowed to talk about here in China.

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a shell of min-dictionaries

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All the foreigners in the company came to Wuhan for a 2-day training.  The day before the training it was shortened to one day.  When we had the training, it was shortened to half a day (Thank god, I could see a couple folks falling asleep in the training…).  After the training we went one of the best restaurants near the office.

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definitely not your normal lunch cost….

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The most unusual moon cake I’ve tried this season – walnuts…

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As soon as I have arrived BeiJing, I went to China Mobile to get my phone number.  As soon as I arrived to the register, I was told to get my number online.  So I did, and I got the confirmation number, but then I was told that the confirmation number was useless, what I need is the phone number itself.

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Found this interesting bike on the street of BeiJing