Göteborg, Sweden

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I love Sweden, though I can’t say that I would be able to stay long in their super cold winter. Göteborg is just a typical Swedish city with its pretty buildings and expensive shops. High quality living in Europe always comes with expensive cost of living, Göteborg is of no exception. My hostel was a hotel converted to multiple beds per room just right outside of the city center. Though it is expensive, the rooms were very nice and the breakfasts were very good.

While visiting the city park, I accidentally bumped into RadioSet’s concert. I am not a big fan of movies, but I did know Pretty Woman’s theme song. The guards around the concert were strict on booting people from peeking into the concert, but I found a gym on top of the hill next to the concert where tons of parents and kids sitting on its roof and looking over the concert from top afar.

After getting dreary of countless city walks, I decided to give its famous archipelagos a visit. If you ever consider visiting Göteborg, this is well worth a stop. While Göteborg is already a quiet city by large, its archipelagoes give another face of what a typical Norwegian city looked like.

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