Great Wall–Miyun Section

2013-07-09 004

Nannan signed me up for the Great Wall Hike on Sunday with Beijing Walkers.  To look for where it is located, I searched high and low on its website, but the address is still quite obscure, we will be on this street not far from this building. OK.

But you could see a group of obvious hikers from miles away (ok, a little exaggeration but you get the idea).

2013-07-09 005

My impression of a 19 people bus was somehow way bigger than this one.

2013-07-09 008

I guess this is where we start, just a random somewhere on a village road.

2013-07-09 010

This village, sitting at the foot of a mountain, is in fact quite modern.

We have to cross farms on these slopes first

and it gets pretty steep

but after the steep climb, we were rewarded with breeze on the top of the hill – wait, it’s not just a hill, it’s the Great Wall of China.

The view from the wall is breathtaking, but be careful the vertigo right next to your feet.

Up we go, yes sir, you are looking at what’s left of the Great Wall.

and we’ve got a long way to go.

2013-07-09 031

The wall winds up and down along the ridge of the mountain like a snake.

“Wait, you mean, I have to climb back down backwards?”


“Come up”


Just get on top of this pile of stones, and I will give you a hand….

Stairs, I used to hate them, but now they are my savor!

2013-07-09 044

I ran out of my fruits along the way up, but there are plenty of ripped apricots along the Wall.

huge grasshopper on my head.

2013-07-09 049

Getting up from the lunch

2013-07-09 050

We found some of these millipedes that we saw the other day climbing.

Ok, this is slow, but we gotta be careful since we are literally walking on the edge of the wall

This section of wall stopped and we were forced into the woods

Now it’s 90 degrees down, hold onto your trees!

Before long, we found another section of the wall

2013-07-09 060

We have to sled ourselves down a few steep walls, before long, it rained and we met this part of the wall where it went all the way down….

2013-07-09 063

Amazingly, I came out with only a few scratches with this outfit.

The last few towers we found a few farm fields planted on these towers… I guess you are right, the remnants of the wall make perfect farming fields.

As for the last section of the wall itself, we found farmers planted these beans along the wall

The wall ran into this small farm trail, now I know that I could stop climbing.

2013-07-09 068

and we met our first farm house after getting on the wall.

I wouldn’t mind living here, this village looked like a park.

2013-07-09 071

Party time after the hike!