Great Wall–Mutianyu Section, Beijing, China

Haider, my dancing friend from Dallas, decided to come to Beijing for a weekend trip (long ways, I know).  So we decided to spend 1 day on Great Wall and the other day in Tiananmen.  It also happened that Hilary is going back to Dallas in about a week and she hasn’t visited the Great Wall during her 3 years of stay in China.  As a saying goes, “If you haven’t climbed the Great Wall, you haven’t seen China.” So I took Hilary with us.

2014-06-23 019

Since there is no public transportation to Mutianyu section of the Great Wall, we hired a taxi, hoping to dodge the massive tourist crowd all going to Badaling section of the Greatwall. Mutianyu is a newer restored section than Badaling, and it is further away from the city. It took us 2.5 hours with traffic to arrive here.


2014-06-23 029_stitch

After half an hour of climb, the wall, the wall!

Where is the restroom?

First view.

Up, up we go!

2014-06-23 042

“I don’t care there stuff sticking out from the back of my ass!”

2014-06-23 045

We could see slide doing down the Great Wall.

2014-06-23 049_stitch

Awesome view from the wall.

He ended up carrying our backpacks, thanks Haider!

A lost kite hanging in a tree.

2014-06-23 067

2014-06-23 068

Carving the plate “I’ve been on the Great Wall of China” for Haider

2014-06-23 075

Hard at work.

2014-06-23 080

The famous “Devil’s Stretch”, 425 steps of non-stop straight up to the top.

A yellow-black centipede typical to the region.

We found stairs going up one of the towers.

2014-06-23 095

2014-06-23 096

2014-06-23 097 (2)

Time to head down the Great Wall, and we decided to take a slide ride.

2014-06-23 097

2014-06-23 098

Hilary’s barely over child’s height to get charged adult fare….

2014-06-23 111

Forward = gas, back = break

2014-06-23 112

Our turn Smile


2014-06-23 117

sliding down the greatwall

2014-06-23 119

Souvenir shopping.

After the Great Wall, I took Haider to a local swing dance party.  We found two dancers singing Karaoke on water lilies.