Guilin, Guangxi Province, China

2013-11-18 648

The first thing after we have returned to Guilin is to visit the famous hill that shaped like an elephant trunk.  Which is now made into a park that charges an exurbanite fee to visitors.

2013-11-18 649

The best place to see the elephant trunk hill is used to be here, but the park management has planted bamboos along the way so you had to pay the exurbanite park entrance fee in order to see it.

2013-11-18 650

In defiance, we decided not pay the park entrance fee. Instead, we paid for a boat to take us to the park on water.

2013-11-18 651

Our boat

Elephant Trunk Hill from water.


folks in the park could reach the end of this trail and see the elephant trunk right under it.

tourist bamboo rafts

Fishermen and their birds

Two guerillas looking at each other.

2013-11-18 675

Next destination, Buddhist cavern

2013-11-18 676

The cave was carved out by a monk after his studying in Japan during Tang Dynasty a thousand years ago. He spent a year in this cave carving out the Gods and Goddesses in his mind.  After he finished his work, he sealed the cave and it wasn’t discovered until a couple years ago from housing development. Because it was discovered after Chairman Mao has passed away, it dodged the destruction from Cultural Revolution which many cultural relics did not survive.2013-11-18 677

A simple map of the cavern.

2013-11-18 679

Entrance is a relief depicting life of different Buddha.

A gigantic Buddha sleeping, carved from natural stones in the cavern.

2013-11-18 685

Original sculptures, renovated.

2013-11-18 683

2013-11-18 684

Old cave drawings