Hitchhiking from El Chalten, Argentina to Chile Chico, Chile

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After El Chalten we are expected on our way to the hardest part of journey – Carretera Austral, or the coast of southern tip of Chile. The famous Ruta 40 going along the west side of Argentina from north to south is still in construction, most of this part of highway is still big wide dirt road. On our way to El Chalten we met a Russian girl Rina who is also hitchhiking the same way. “Damn, she’s a girl by herself,” Pavel sounded a bit dismayed, “she will have a much easier time getting picked up by passingby cars”.

None of us made to Perito Moreno – our next town – that day. The three of us made as far as a bridge in the middle of nowhere and from then on no one stopped for us during the day. That night we resorted to pull our resources together and spend the night out in the wild… Rina’s got a two-person tent, and we got food and water lasting for a night. The three of us shared our foods under the fire, squeezed ourselves into the tent and left our backpacks outside the tent – who would stop here tonight to take our stuff?

The next morning was another day of next to nothing. Then Rina and Pavel got their idea of hitchhiking both ways – if we get a car going back to El Chalten, we will pay for a bus the next day… Next hour, we found a car going to El Chalten. “I’m going back to El Chalten, do you want come?” asked Rina.

“We will wait for another two hours and do the same” Pavel said, half-hesitating.

“I hope we’ll see each other again soon…” smiled Rina.

“I hope not!”

An hour later, we were picked up by two men with two little girls on their laps going to Perito Moreno.  

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