Ice Creams and Hawaiian Themed Swing Dance

2013-07-20 000

Thought the 32 kuai shaved ice was indeed too pricey by Chinese standard. But for what I’m getting, not bad (especially considering that’s my favorite flavor, greentea. Hooya!)

2013-07-20 001

Went to the police station for an immigration paper under the newly established immigration law in China, and I found this in front of the finger printing station.  Yes, you are right, it is a diagram of your hands complete with the locations of your left and right hands as well as the locations of each finger.

Well, I eventually a breakdown at the police station that day. I was sent to three different police stations around the city, made a dozen calls, and no one knows how to produce a piece of paper needed by the immigration. Eventually my nerve broke down and I went hysterical – for the second time in my entire life. I was quite lucky because all the cops (at least ten of them) just stared at me – sometimes people get arrested for public disruption like that in China…. The chief police just calmed me down and said, “what you have to do, you have to do, now get going.” x.x


I was hanging out with my cousin and we went for our favorite snacks street around the area.  Funny thing is – we couldn’t find it for an hour. We walked around the area again and again but it just went poof. Eventually, I dug it out from behind this board –  it was closed for renovation… what a great time of the year for this place to close for renovation.

2013-07-25 003

That night I went to a Hawaiian themed lindyhop party.  I love how these parties are always located in Workers Gymnasium where the taxi driver always dropped me off at Workers Stadium.  It took me another good while to figure this out and then I had to walk with my heels over and find that place right under the building (seriously, no signs and poor street lighting, good luck if you don’t really speak Chinese).

I met another Asian American there, Kevin.  The handsome young man is studying Chinese at the Beijing University.  That will make 3 of us with Nancy.  Boy do I finally feel that I belong somewhere….

2013-07-25 008

Another ice cream time after dancing.  We picked volcano shaved ice for the evening snack Smile