Inca Trail Day 1 – Inca Plains

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The first day was mostly Inca Plains, we passed numerous villages on the trail where we could get additional supplies.  As the afternoon approached, there were less and less houses along the way.  Eventually there were no more houses and we were exposed to beautiful views of green mountains.  We continued going up and down the gentle rolling hills till we hit the last set of houses, then we were allowed into one of their backyards to pitch the tent for the night.

Unfortunately my monthly came during the mid day, and its cramp followed me for the next three days.  The first night was the hardest since I had constant pains for half of the day.  Starting around midnight the rain started pouring and I had to rush to the bathroom…  So I put on as much warm cloth as I could and rushed out the tent in the pouring rain in the dark, then put as much paper liners as possible on the nasty toilet bowl so that I could sit on it relieve myself from the sheer pain….  That was totally worth the effort, I was so exhausted afterwards that I had a very good sleep for the rest of the night.

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