Inca Trail Day 3 – Cloud Forest

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We all wondered how could you bake a cake in the middle of nowhere, and that’s what our porters did that morning.  We had a carrot cake as part of our breakfast and no one knows how they made the cake without an oven….

Since I was pretty slow with my trek, the guide told me to skip the big city ruin near the lunch camp so that we could catch up with everyone for lunch.  By the time we arrived to the lunch spot, I realized that some people were still up in the city’s ruin.  I felt a quite sad that I missed seeing the impressive city ruins that could only be found here on the Inca trail.  So after lunch, I told the guide that I have to go back to the ruins and check it out myself.  He obliged and helped me to watch my backpack behind.  Without my backpack I literally ran there – it was so easy to hike around here without any backpack.  Wow.  I made to the ruins in no time, by then (which is after lunch), I still found some people up there – mostly Peruvians.  Apparently students are on their summer vacation and a lot of them visit the trail frequently.  I had several friendly greetings, took a couple pictures with cute Peruvian students, chatted with them a bit before hopping back to the lunch camp and catch up with the rest of the trek.

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