Inca Trail Day 4 – the Sun Gate

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We thought since most likely the sun won’t come out tomorrow, we could sleep in instead of waking up at 3am. But the guide told us that the porters has to leave around 4:30am in order to catch the 5am free train back to Cusco. Now we still have to wake up at 3am in order for the breakfast to be served and they could pack up the tents on time.

We woke up around 3am in the pouring rain and had a quick breakfast before dashing out in the rain for the checkpoint #3. We got to the checkpoint for day 4 around 4am and and had to wait with a bunch of trekkers for another hour for it to open up for the day. Since it was raining outside all of us squeezed under the roof as much as we could. I could spot anxious face everywhere – Machu Picchu is just a 2.5 hours away. People are definitely getting more and more excited as they talked about their experiences coming here. We met up with a Canadian couple who did a 12-day Salcantay + Classic Inca trail and I’m surprised that I could not smell any body odor coming from them.

Finally the gate opened at 5am exact, like an opened flood gate, with our lightened backpack we dashed out with a shot of new energy. I felt my footsteps suddenly lightened up as I knew there were only 2 hours ahead of me. I have never felt so fast on this trek until now… even though the sun didn’t showup at the magical hour for the sungate, even though it was raining, even though I still had to climb steep steps on all fours…

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