Isla de Sol, Copacabana, Bolivia

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I was going to take a bus to Copacabana but then my hostel hostess told me there is a German girl also going to Copacabana and wants to be with someone to split the expense. It turned out that she wanted to take the bus to the border of Bolivia, then take a taxi from Bolivian border to Copacabana.   I’m glad that I split the trip to Bolivia at the Peru-Bolivia border.  It was rumored crossing border as an American was not an easy feat since Bolivian border patrol often asking for bribes from U.S. citizens in order to grant us the entry visas.  Since Bolivia have funny visa requirements (such as yellow fever immunization and hotel reservation) a lot of Americans were unaware of these requirements upon entering Bolivia.   So the border patrol police would often ask for more money than listed on the visa fee requirement when Americans found themselves missing any required visa documents.   After researching about Bolivian entrance requirements, I obtained all of the requirements before entering the country.  After checking my documents over and over, the patrol officer asked me to join him in a interrogation room not far from the immigration office.  Luckly my travel buddy speaks Spanish, so I grabbed her to help me.  She asked them what was wrong, and the patrol officer told her that they want my Chinese passport as well.  It took my travel buddy a while to explain to them that I indeed do not carry a Chinese passport since I really lived in U.S. and I am really a U.S. citizen and my family lived in the U.S. etc….

Though Copacabana is a resort, it is much smaller and cheaper than the Peruvian side of Lake Titicaca.   I rented a hotel room on my own for $7 a night with internet not far from the beach.  And next morning, I was set to trek on the Sun Island.

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