Islands of Uros and Taquile, Puno, Peru

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I got to my hostel early next morning.  The owner of the hostel was very friendly.  After they realize that I do not want to take a tour to Lake Titicaca with them, the man took me outside and pointed to those motor tricycles – “take those to the dock, those are cheap, about 2 soles (equivalent of a little less than $1)”  As soon as I got to the dock, I got more people trying to sell me tickets to the tourist islands, so I got on one of them with 4 other Europeans foreigners (a German couple and two Dutch).

As much as I liked these two islands, I had to say the Lake Titicaca is as commercialized as New York City (ok, maybe not that commercialized).  Some little girls came up to me and asked to take a picture of them in their pretty dresses.  So I obliged, when I asked if they have an email so that I could send their pictures to them, they extended their hands for some money from me.  Right away, I deleted their pictures.

We got to the island of Taquile at noon, by then the sun has already changed a cold and misty morning into an unbearably hot day.  My jackets and thermal pants smothered me so badly that I had to take them off somehow.  Since there were so many people here and there it was very hard to find a quiet spot to change into a lighter summer cloth.  Halfway up the hill I found a small shop selling drinks and snacks to the visitors.  Taking a chance, I went in and asked “cambio mi ropa.”  The girl looked at me and startled as I pointed at my cloth.  By then I was already boiling my jackets under the summer heat so I decided to change inside her shop regardless if she understood me or not – she understood when she saw me quickly peeling off my sticky clot.  Immediately she closed the entry door behind me, shut off the shade, and left me to myself in the room.

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