Jing’an Temple, Shanghai, China

If you are in Shanghai, you are almost guaranteed bump into this prominent temple. Its golden roof and portentous structure beaming onto one of the world’s busiest street. So you will definitely drop by, however much they charge (100RMB, or 15USD, a robbery for temple since all other temples in China asked for about 1USD at most if there is any charge at all).  It has been 6 months already so it was my time.

IMG_20160116_141456 IMG_20160116_141458

People lining up by the side gate to buy the super expensive ticket.


Enter the gate…

IMG_20160116_142002 IMG_20160116_142608 IMG_20160116_142620

back of the main plaza, a more “administrative”area.


Grand meeting hall for monks and believers.

IMG_20160116_143024 IMG_20160116_143117




Hall with delicate carvings.

   IMG_20160116_143709 IMG_20160116_143905

Shinning new grand pillars.



High doorsill shows the god/goddess inside is of a greater significance, like a higher barrier of entry. Unlike this lady, one should step in with left foot first, to show the respect for the god/goddess inside.


Upper floor of the gate tower.


Street view from the tower.


Metro(or subway) station right under the temple.


Plaza view from the second floor.


Jing’an Temple from across the street, you could almost mistaken it for a shopping mall – if it weren’t for the roof.