Kunming II, Yunnan, China

We got back in Kunming around 5 in the morning, so those 2 decided to stay in the hotel and sleep all day. I guess by this time of the trip I’m the only one that’s got any energy to keep going.  So I searched high and low for a short Kunming trip before I have to run for the airport.

yunnan 653

After reading some brochures at the hotel lobby I decided to climb the West mountain right on the outskirt of the city. Since I was on a rather tight schedule, I was contemplating on whether I should walk or take a taxi up there.

Not long after I got off the bus at the gate of the mountain, I was hurried into a taxi, “just wait here, I will get some more people very soon.” He then hurried off to get some more people.

I waited and waited and nobody else showed up… So I decided to ask around and see if I have enough time to climb up the mountain by myself.

“To walk up the mountain? you walk this way for about 12km.” The taxi driver told me.

I waited a little more, then I felt something really fishy.  So I waited for another load of passengers to get off the bus and asked one of them.

“You just follow this road,” The elderly woman pointed to the road opposite from the taxi driver’s direction, it’s only 7km up, you will get there in about 2 hours.” They then gave me some details on places to stop and what to see.

The taxi driver came up, “com’on, let’s go.  You either take the taxi or go that way for 12km.”

“Wait a minute, the walking path is that way.” The elder lady was rather surprised….

Then I followed the elderly lady up the mountain…

I met quite a few nice people while going up the mountain.  A couple told me about this temple half way up.  “You should take a look at this temple, it’s got 500 Buddha in it.”

yunnan 665_stitch

They actually charged 20 yuan for it.. but it also includes another temple near the top of the mountain

yunnan 672yunnan 673

Entrance to the 500 Buddah temple

yunnan 675_stitch

All sorts of Buddahs in all sorts of sittings

I call this “stretchy”.

yunnan 683


yunnan 684

Several big statues

and my favorite Buddha, the long-armed


yunnan 697_stitch

Rest of the temple

yunnan 702

Coming out, I found the entrance to the other temple.

yunnan 704_stitch

Steep way up

yunnan 705

A rather abandoned rest area

yunnan 718_stitchyunnan 722_stitch

As I went up I found more breathtaking views

yunnan 731_stitch

The second temple

yunnan 746yunnan 738_stitch

The temple has a little garden with the view of Kunming

yunnan 750_stitchyunnan 760

And a beautiful back yard

yunnan 764_stitch

I found a few elderly people wandering around here.  There was a little café offering decent vegetarian foods.

yunnan 768yunnan 769

A little gazebo with some ancient inscription.

yunnan 775

Coming out through the other gate that led to the temple

yunnan 776

Then I passed by the grave of Nie Er (聂耳), the composer of the current Chinese national anthem.

yunnan 779yunnan 792_stitchyunnan 800

The grand grave

yunnan 802

and his statue

yunnan 805

next to his grave was his memorial museum, there was a Chinese national anthem

yunnan 806

I got to the top

yunnan 810_stitch2

The breathtaking view…

There were numerous temples along the top, dedicated to different areas of life.

yunnan 816_stitch2yunnan 828_stitch

The West mountain top is also famous for its numerous pious inscriptions by people who stayed here hundreds of years ago.

yunnan 862

yunnan 834

Of course, the biggest site is the dragon’s gate.  you have to go through this steep tunnel

yunnan 836

The dragons gate, a famous sculptor spent some 13 years up here, working on this piece.  He’s persistence on perfection forever stayed on this gate.  Since his next piece was not as perfect, he killed himself by jumping off this mountain.

yunnan 839_stitch

People walking along the cliff

yunnan 855_stitch

And pray…

yunnan 860_stitch

View of Dianchi, the famous lake next to Kunming.

yunnan 865

Steep way down.

yunnan 870

Of all the plane rides, I have to say that I liked the Kunming to Beijing the most.  During the 3-hour ride I was offered all sorts of interesting Yunnan local produces, like these funny mushrooms….