Lecture on Future of Immortality and China Open

2013-09-28 006

I found this cute little Jewish community by accident and had been going to their lectures recently.

2013-09-28 004

The last lecture was from the founding faculty and energy advisor of Singularity University, Jose Cordeiro.

2013-09-28 008

The guy showed his interest in diversity by naming himself in 3 different Asian languages.

2013-09-28 010

Mr. Cordeiro started his lecture describing the current trend of technology is advancing at an exponential rate. He then went into detail on how we went from computer punch card memory to flashcards in 30 years.

2013-09-28 014

Soon we don’t even have to communicate with words, we could just use these antennas attached to our heads.  The one on his head is from a company called Mindware, which developed these gears with five antennas.

2013-09-28 015

Another Chinese company developed a new mind-reading gear with 14 antennas.

2013-09-28 016

“With this rate, this is the last generation of humankind.” We will live with robots.  We will find cures for all diseases and live forever.  We will stay positive as we get into the world’s next stages.  Our robots will be civilized, not like the robot on this screen (terminator).

2013-09-28 018

Friday night was the first night of China Open at the Tennis Center around the Olympic Park.

2013-09-28 024

Night at the Tennis Center plaza

2013-09-28 025

Huge murals of Tennis stars hanging around the stadium.

2013-09-28 031_stitch

2013-09-28 035

VIP box seats.

2013-09-28 037_stitch

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the China Open, the game kicked off with a Battle of Sexes – Li Na, the best Chinese tennis player, versus Novak Djokovic, the current world No. 1.

2013-09-28 040

But not so fast, we will cut the cake first.

Plaques commemorating these philanthropic individuals.

2013-09-28 044

All aboard – the sponsors and the cake.

2013-09-28 048

Taking a bite before starting the game.

2013-09-28 049

First round, Li and Djokovic separately vs. teenagers .

Li vs. teenage players.

2013-09-28 067

Mr. Djokovic was supposedly refereeing, but he busied himself by taking pictures of Li…

…and by becoming a ball boy.

2013-09-28 076

Time to switch the roles.

Li Na refereeing.

2013-09-28 0812013-09-28 086

Interesting score board.

2013-09-28 088

Second round, they set up a bunch of boards.  4 famous Chinese film artists will split into two teams – one with Li, and the other with Djokovic, and they will compete for which team could hit the boards the most.

2013-09-28 089

Li and Djokovic picking out their team members.

The boards aren’t as easy to hit as they looked.

2013-09-28 096

To make the game fairer, Djokovic had to play with his left hand.

Cinematographers working with their “cannons”

Third round, the real “Battle of Sexes” began.

They bantered way too much and had way too much fun.

2013-09-28 119

At the end of the “show”, we went around the plaza and played this simulated tennis match with our hands.