Li River Cruise to Yangshuo

2013-11-18 040

We decided to take a boat to Yangshuo by waterway the next day.

2013-11-18 042

Our row of boat.

2013-11-18 044

Not sure if this was all true, but we were placed in the second floor VIP lounge because the real VIPs were late and switched over to the next boat. So their tour guide told our tour guide to go ahead and put us into their VIP lounge.

Regardless, who would refuse a free lunch?

2013-11-18 045

Our trip has started…

2013-11-18 050

Many other cruise boat docked on the banks not far from us.

2013-11-18 051

White cones to indicate places to avoid.

2013-11-18 052

Fruit sellers paddling on his bamboo raft.

Where he would toss his bundle up to the customer once the deal is done.

2013-11-18 055_stitch

2013-11-18 059

Cooking is done at the back of the boat.

2013-11-18 064_stitch

2013-11-18 068_stitch

A small port.

2013-11-18 070

Town of Guanyan

2013-11-18 072

Guanyan is named after this rock, which looked like a crown (guanyan literally means “crown rock” in Chinese).

2013-11-18 073

There is a small cave navigable by water.

the rock not far from the town looked like Chinese water painting.

the mountain beyond looked like a person laying on the back of a donkey.

2013-11-18 084_stitch

2013-11-18 090_stitch

2013-11-18 092_stitch

2013-11-18 094

2013-11-18 097

Winter swimmer.

Approaching 9 horse paints mountain.

So it was said that you could see 9 horses from the contours and lines of this mountain, could you pick them out?

2013-11-18 111

Vice Premier Zhou took 3 minutes to figure out all 9 horses…

When Clinton visited here he picked out 8 horses and a donkey…

2013-11-18 113

The scenery was also printed on 20 RMB bill.

2013-11-18 117

Me with the bill…

2013-11-18 120_stitch

Another small port for this rock that looked like the hat of the emperor’s advisors back in the day.

2013-11-18 123

2013-11-18 125

2013-11-18 135

We were wondering what are those white stuff sticking out from the lush green mountains…

2013-11-18 136

Turned out they are plastic-covered farm fields…

2013-11-18 138

looked like a raft where you could sit around and fish

2013-11-18 140


2013-11-18 141

Approaching Yangshuo, were you could see more and more farm fields

2013-11-18 142

big farms

Where farm fields have cleared out large parts of a mountain

2013-11-18 145_stitch

Arriving at the Yangshuo port.

2013-11-18 149

The long commercial gallery at the port.

2013-11-18 152

Stone streets of this ancient city

2013-11-18 153_stitch

Not far from the port is the former residence of one of the most famous Chinese painters, Xu Beihong, known for his specialty in painting horses.

2013-11-18 156

On the back is a bust of the artist.

2013-11-18 157

Inside the mansion was some of his earlier works.

2013-11-18 159

The living room

2013-11-18 162

From the map, it seemed that the old Yangshuo only got 2-3 big streets.

2013-11-18 165_stitch

Coming into the Old Yangshuo.


Mask shop.

2013-11-18 178_stitch

Loads of restaurants selling beer fish, a specialty in the region.

2013-11-18 180

River running through the town center.

2013-11-18 183

Dinner we had stir-fried herbs and beer fish.

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    • Thanks for visiting Hui! I still think it has gotten too commercialized, but still quite worth a visit!