Lijiang Old Town, Yunnan, China

yunnan 448_stitch (2)

Since none of us wanted to spend 400 yuan to get on top of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain (玉龙雪山), we decided to stroll around the famous old town instead.

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but you could see the Snow Mountain from here, the river right next to the plaza, anyways…

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Elderlies dressed in their ethnic clothing dancing in circles in the main plaza.  Later younger people formed their own big circles with faster rhythms…

yunnan 448_stitch

We settled in this little inn… 100 yuan for 2 beds..

Then we went out to try all sorts of interesting street foods, like this rice wrap

yunnan 453

or sticky rice buns

yunnan 454 (2)yunnan 454

and these rice wrapped in leaves or itsy bitsy baskets…

yunnan 455

and more sticky rice buns

yunnan 456

grilled spicy tofu

yunnan 459

Passing by Mu Mansion. The old house of Mus where the family ruled this part of the country for centuries.

yunnan 460

Lots of silver shops have these craftsmen working right in front of you.

yunnan 461

Shopping streets of the old town

yunnan 464_stitchyunnan 467

Lots of walls were decorated in those old Dongba texts.  The Dongba writing has the same root as the Chinese writing; both came from pictography.

yunnan 470

Some Dongba words were translated into Simplified Chinese on their lower right corners.

yunnan 471 (2)

We passed by the famous well, or the three-eyes well (三眼井).  The stone plate says this well is divided into three parts.  The upper part is for drinking, the middle for washing foods, and the lower part is for washing clothes.

yunnan 474

A big bowl sitting right next to the drinking part of the well for the thirsty passersby, and I was a thirsty passerby.

yunnan 477

More walls decorated with Dongba writing

a popular mongo juice sold around here

yunnan 482yunnan 483

A temple hiding in the back of the busy street

yunnan 485

Next to the temple… a rather quiet building turned out to be a library…

yunnan 486

Dongba writing under classroom windows.

yunnan 487yunnan 490

Turns out they are traditional Dongba verses with Chinese translation on the bottom.

yunnan 492

a small monastery…

yunnan 493yunnan 494

and the temple on the other side of the monastery.

yunnan 495

a lot of shops selling postcards that include “snail-mail service”, or they will delay the mailing date to your appointed time.  For example, you could write your postcard now and put it into the 2018 slot, and it will be mailed to this address in year 2018.

yunnan 498yunnan 501_stitch2

more strolling around the town…

another well in the city with some bowls next to it for the passersby.

yunnan 506

Sitting down with some local tea, basking in the sun

yunnan 507

the restaurant street

yunnan 508yunnan 509

Lijiang night… it has some of the busiest streets during Chinese nights.

yunnan 512

I had some local rice noodles (过桥米线) for dinner, they were 20 yuan (expensive by local standard) and honestly, they are about the same as the “Yunnan rice noodles” I’ve tried in Beijing.

Bought a little lamp made by Dongba paper, a famous local paper also known as thousand-year paper.  The paper is known for its durable quality under all sorts of conditions.  It does not rot away in water or by termintes…  I had the owner of the shop write some Dongba texts on the lamp when I bought it.