Lima, Peru

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I would never fly with Spirit Airlines again!   Knowing that Spirit usually gives Americans a hard time for buying a one way ticket to South America, I bought the return ticket from Bodega to Dallas through JetBlue.  I called in Spirit Airlines three times to make sure this is actually valid and they will take the ticket from Bodega to Dallas as a form of return ticket.  I got in the airport early that morning and was the first in line.  I was told that instead of proofing that I’m coming back to the States within three months, I have to proof that I’m leaving Peru within this time.  Well, it doesn’t make sense I have to leave Peru in order to make to Bodega’s plane which is leaving in three months.   Despite the fact that I called three times to confirm this ticket is a valid form of return ticket, the Spirit Airlines agent proceeded to sell me their Lima to Dallas trip as my return ticket.  I got so mad that I booked a $2300 refundable ticket through AA.  Fortunately I got a 7-hour layover so I had the time to stop by the AA ticket counter again to get it cancelled – I was quite worried that I lost my $2300 because AA just filed a bankruptcy.

I arrived to Lima at midnight and for safety reasons I have booked a pickup service from the hostel.  I saw my name on a plate as soon as I got out of the airport.  The drive to the hostel was probably the culture shock I needed to set myself straight for the rest of my journey through South America.

From Lima, Peru, posted by Jenny Zheng on 12/19/2011 (47 items)

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