Longchuan Bay, Part II


Transporting to another area along the Bay, where the young people used to come here and get their “re-education” (high-school-age youth sent to the countryside to work along with the local farmers) during the cultural revolution.


We made pit stop at a 3-D animation trail.

20170711_104150 (3)

20170711_104150 (4)

Spiderman handing out mooncakes.


Jason the angel.

20170711_104528 (1)

Arriving at the Cultural Revolution Museum.

20170711_104528 (2)

Educated Youth Museum.

20170711_104542 (2)

Many Chinese patriotic statues have this position.


Many current top officials used to be youth under re-education during the Cultural Revolution.

20170711_104659 (1)

Wax figure of a youth looking to go back her home in the city.

20170711_104659 (2)

20170711_104659 (3)

Introduction of the youth sent here.


Their locations.


In 1979, the revolution finally came to an end. Millions of youth were on their way back to their urban homes.


Youth protesting for going back to their home cities.

20170711_104953 (1)20170711_104953

Waiting for the ride going home.



20170711_105257 (12)20170711_105416

Museum gift shop was also a mill that made sauces.


What are the devices on this tree?

20170711_112448 (1)

Do not smoke sign made from a pine cone arrangement.

20170711_112448 (2)20170711_112621

Small dock for boat rides.


They even have smaller dragon boats, for kids.

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Coming back to Shicheng, we found the Shicheng (Lion City) Tourist Information/museum. A model of the old town, now flooded underwater (Thousand Island Lake is a man-made lake from a dam), showed the old city walls and buildings.

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Families that used to live in this town.

20170711_120128_stitch (3)

A little pathway that leads to a pegoda.

20170711_120622 (2)


A dragon ceiling

20170711_120806 (2)

20170711_120806 (3)

Beautiful murals

20170711_121324_stitch_stitch (2)


From the top of pegoda, we get a view of the new Shicheng city.

20170711_121654 (3)

Longchuan Bay port.