Longji (Dragon Spine) Rice Terrace, Guangxi Province, China

We did not know that the rice paddy field is actually on the other side of the Guilin, so either we book a really expensive tour package from Yangshuo directly to the paddy field, or take a bus to from Yangshuo to Guilin, change the bus station in Guilin and  go to Longsheng, then take a bus from Longsheng to the paddy field. 

We did neither, as we took the earliest bus out from Yangshuo to Guilin, we met a lady on the bus who knows someone that take tourists from Guilin train station to the paddy field directly, that saved us the next 2 transfers.

2013-11-18 472

We got to the paddy field entrance by noon, where we found some ladies with baskets on their backs eager to carry tourists’ luggage for a fee of 30 yuan (US $5).

One lady insisted that she will carry our small carry-on luggage.  She followed us all the way to luggage deposit area in the first village at the bottom of the paddy fields.

2013-11-18 479

Apparently the village is still quite backward that the government is still heavily involved in a lot of things.

2013-11-18 482

We found a small set of stairs to start going up.

2013-11-18 484

soon enough we saw another village.

An elderly lady coming down the mountain.

2013-11-18 502

We found the guesthouse that the friend of the bus driver owns.

2013-11-18 503

The hostess took out a photo album of a photographer who stayed with them while working in the terraces.

The village next to the guesthouse.

2013-11-18 511


“Lost your walking stick?  No problem! Look, I got a sickle.” The villager then chopped down a small tree for my mom, “Here, that will help you on your way up.”

Mom with her new walking stick.

Passing some graves, what a great location for their ancestors to forever overlooking the terraces.

The top doesn’t look like that far, but it’s a steep way up.

2013-11-18 554

A hanging barn

2013-11-18 556


We are at the top!

2013-11-18 558_stitch

2013-11-18 585_stitch

2013-11-18 564_stitch

the cable

Sunset over the village


Another village

A tiny sign next to a house for direction.

2013-11-18 602

For dinner, the guesthouse hostess prepared us bamboo rice, grilled over fire.

Her daughter-in-law helped us to open it.

2013-11-18 604

The rice inside the bamboo.

2013-11-18 606

It’s hard to keep your hands away from those bamboo chars.

2013-11-18 610

Before bade our hostess farewell, I decide to take a picture with her – both Chinese, but she looked so different.

Residues from last night’s bamboo rice grilling.

Morning over terraces.

Clearly, there people are waiting for the sunrise.

2013-11-18 619_stitch

2013-11-18 632

Getting direction from a villager.

2013-11-18 638

Sun rise.

2013-11-18 641

2013-11-18 643

Passing by a wood workshop

Morning in the village

The restaurant at the entrance of the village was full of guests yesterday.