Los Angeles Stay with Jonovan, Part I, Day Time

I remember the last time I left Los Angeles, Jonovan went, “well this might be the last time I see you.”  I told him stop thinking about it.  At least in Chinese terms, there is no last good bye.  I was right, at least for this time.  I decided to stop by Jonovan’s place in Los Angeles on my way to SwingDiego in San Diego.  I told this idea to Hui and she went, “that would be a bit awkward wouldn’t it.”

I wouldn’t think so, because I knew both of us are fun people regardless what happened in the past.  Though there were no roses waiting with him at the airport, but I was happy to find the same cheerfulness in his eyes.

We were going to the Santa Monica beach but the weather was too cold for us to have a walk on the beach.  So we walked around the boardwalk and stopped by this shopping center in downtown Santa Monica.

2013-05-09 003_stitch

I liked how they had different dinosaurs waiting at the street ends

2013-05-09 008

and angry frog in the middle of water fountain

2013-05-09 010

I wish this ice cream was real…2013-05-09 011_stitch

The park right across the shopping center leads to the beach…

2013-05-09 017_stitch

from the park you could see the beach houses

2013-05-09 014

We especially liked this purple one because it looked like a toy….

2013-05-09 015

and a little gopher living right on top of the beach

2013-05-09 026

Jonovan on a tree growing sideways, serving as a bench


There is me checking out if this cannon is real – it had a cannon ball stuck inside

2013-05-09 028

Santa Monica board walk

2013-05-09 030

Went for a bit of souvenir shopping and found this poker gang made in sea shells…

2013-05-09 056

Following the park trail, we landed on the boardwalk after crossing a pedestrian bridge.

2013-05-09 036

There was an amusement park on the boardwalk, with a Mary-go-round that had a big sign basically saying “FAT PEOPLE ARE NOT ALLOWED”

2013-05-09 037

air hockey, one of our favorite arcade games Smile

2013-05-09 039_stitch

There were still a couple swimmers here and there, but most people opted for the walk on sand because it is just too cold.

2013-05-09 041

Birds here are well-looked after.  They do not need to find fish, it is provided for them on a tray.

2013-05-09 043_stitch

The pier had plenty of space for people to relax and ponder.

2013-05-09 0462013-05-09 052

One of the entertainments on the boardwalk where people get to swing.

End of the famous route 66, the highway that hooks up east coast with west coast.