Los Angeles Stay with Jonovan, Part II, Evening Art Walk

2013-05-09 057 (2)

I wanted to eat something “LA”, and on our way back we found people setting up their trailer food stands.  “Like, we could eat here, it will be cheap” I half joked.

“Yeah, these are actually set up for the art walk tonight, and their burgers are expensive.” He wasn’t joking at all. “In fact, these are pretty LA.”

So we started our evening here.

2013-05-09 057

The art walk crowd lined up for their fatty burgers, hot dogs, nachos, and a handful of unhealthy fast foods.

2013-05-09 061

Psy themed Korean food trailer

2013-05-09 062

Our foods are done, $17 for two, not too bad but not cheap for a trailer food

2013-05-09 068

By the time we were done with the food, most of the art walk was closed.  We found this big building still open and people running upstairs.  So we followed them and found ourselves in a queue right behind these people

They got an indoors art walk late night

2013-05-09 079

The classical building with classical ceilings

Woman coated with body paint

2013-05-09 083

artist hard at work.

2013-05-09 087

People browsing through gallery for sale

Interesting wired art works

artist hard at work

Then we went to a bookshop right across the street, and were greeted by this woman statue at the door

the sculpture hanging above the staircase

2013-05-09 121

The upstairs is a puzzled lined out with books, we were greeted with this….

Staircase covered with books

2013-05-09 105

This building was originally served as a bank, and their old vault is still here

Most of the books here are sold for $1.00.

2013-05-09 107

Books lined up by colors

Black, White, and Rainbow

Sounds very convincing….. but it’s National Lampoon.

Are you sure this door’s gonna work?

Jonovan staring at a little girl…

2013-05-09 115

Floors covered with pennies

2013-05-09 116


2013-05-09 118_stitch

Looking at the bookshop from above.

2013-05-09 123

Coming out from the bookshop, we found a couple pairs of wings on the street

The lotus floor next to the parking lot that changes color once in a while…

We heard loud music as we were going into our car, then we decided to join them instead.

2013-05-09 129

The music came out from a small gallery next to the parking lot.  Amid its heavy marijuana smoke we found many artworks containing interesting sexual fantasies from the artist, like this one.

2013-05-09 133

I brought eggroll babies for Jonovan from China, after getting home we made them before going to sleep.  Though they looked rather simple, it was quite a bit more work than both of us imagined.

2013-05-09 138_stitch

I booked a train for San Diego the next morning, I never thought the train station could be this luxuriously-looking.

Walking in.

2013-05-09 149_stitch

Old ticketing station that is now not being used.  They got a few helpers to reorganize this area.

2013-05-09 155_stitch

Waiting room, much better than the airport chairs, let alone the jam-packed Chinese train station waiting room.

My first train in USA – from LA to San Diego, a comfortable double decker that rolls along the west coast.