Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

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I found the same victory lady standing on the edge of its city center as the one I found in ShangHai Expo.  At first I thought it was a joke, then I remembered that the same victory lady in the ShangHai’s World Expo was also in front of the Luxembourg Pavilion Hall.  “Maybe they made a plastic model of this victory lady.”  I thought, still couldn’t believe it would be real.  It wasn’t later that I learned in a tour that the victory lady in ShangHai Expo was actually this very original sculpture.  It was lefted from its base, wrapped up in a ship, and sent over to the Expo.  It was missing from its base for several months before it was returned from its trip to the Expo in November of 2010.

Little by little, the Luxembourg Pavilion from ShangHai World Expo came back to me, its gigantic bronze wall, symbolizing city’s fortress, and its victory lady…

From Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, posted by Jenny Zheng on 10/02/2011 (105 items)

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