Madrid, Spain

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Originally, I always wanted to buy a ticket going to Lisbon, Portugal to start my journey eastwards to China, but I found a direct flight going to Madrid, Spain. I have always wanted to go to Madrid, so I jumped at the opportunity.

Holding a rough draft of where I want to go, all I had for sure was Madrid as my very first stop of this trip. As I dragged my medium sized suit-case, still contemplating if this luggage choice was better than a backpack, I spotted a tall, young, European-looking woman about my age with a backpack on my subway train. “They really have people traveling with backpacks in Europe,” I thought, “so this is still around, but why do you need a backpack when everywhere here is so well-paved?”

I spent 4 days getting adjusted to Spain – jet lags, getting used to the European’s busy streets, and most importantly-walking to everywhere instead of jumping into a car. I stayed at Musas’ Residence near center of Madrid, which was rated very well on Like many other highly rated hostels online, it is known for its parties and get=togethers. I made many friends during those four days and slept very little. Learning that I am a swing dancer, the hostel owner even showed me his tango scene not far from the hostel. 

A couple of us also took one day out to visit Toledo, a historical capital of Spain just an hour of of the city…

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