Malves, France

After having the hardest time finding my reserved hotel in Avignon, I was quite worried that my hostel for the next town, Carcasonne, is actually 10km from Carcasonne itself. I did not notice this problem until the day that I had to go to Carcasonne… After spending 2 hours trying to find a last minute place in Toulouse (an hour from Carcasonne by train), I decided give up and just call the hostel to see what we could do about this. “I will come to the train station and give you a ride.” the friendly lady on the other end of the phone line offered, “this is going to cost you 5 euros, but if you take a taxi, this is more like 30 euros.” True, I was glad that we could reach an agreement. She also told me that there is a bus that goes to town in the morning that could take me to Carcasonne proper.

My hostel turned out to be right across from the landmark of this wine producing village – a small French castle that is still operated as a gallery and a reception hall for the village. The hostel is a typical village bar downstairs with bedrooms upstairs. I was the only guest for the night. Growing up a city girl, I was quite curious of this place. So I decided to take a stroll at night, only to expect that no one was on its streets besides occasional cars passing by. One even stopped for me asking what’s going on.

After checking out the village that night, I found the gate to my room was half opened… following the sidewalk upstairs, I found the doors to my room were all half closed or unlocked. Feeling quite uneasy since I was the only guest in the building that night and the owner of this place has long left for the night, I checked up and down to make sure that there were indeed no one there. Since I remembered clearly that I have locked my room, to this day I’m still not very sure if it was not understanding how the lock worked or if it was someone else.

I woke up bright and early for the bus taking me to Carcasonne next morning, only to find the school bus is what the hostel owner was talking about. The school bus driver charged me 2 euros for the ride with the village kids, where I had to switch to another bus taking high school kids to Carcasonne….

From Malves, France, posted by Jenny Zheng on 6/15/2011 (45 items)

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