Marseille, France

I was more than glad to arrive to a more civilized city after quite a bit of adventures in Morocco. At its peak tourist season, I had the hardest time finding an available bed in a hostel. I finally snagged one as soon as I saw a reservation spot opened up. As you might have expected – it isn’t the best hostel available since it is near the train station. As soon as I got off the train I was refused a 5-minute taxi without paying 15 euros (because it is too short for them to drive there). The drivers laughed as I walked away into what looked like a bad neighborhood… As I wondered around the empty wide French avenues near mid-night, I found myself in an internet cafe asking for directions. The guy looked at me and refused to help, “if you don’t help me I might end up staying here all night,” I jested. “That’s no problem with me” he chuckled.

Finally after some more wondering around I found a street that looked a bit familiar on my tiny hostel map, after guessing around some more I have arrived to the street of my hostel. As I was turning in the corner I found 4 people sitting at a table in a late-night cafe, “are you looking for London Connections Hostel?” One of them asked.

“Yes, do you happened to know where it is?”  I was obviously an outsider with my suit-case and my Asian look.

“Yes, we all stay there, mind join us?”


It turned out that the man questioned me was the owner of this hostel.  “I have two people still arriving tonight, and you were one of them”.  He was obviously relieved to see me.

“Yes, I was quite worried, because on your website you said to check-in before 10pm, and I couldn’t find your place before then.”  I was obviously feeling lucky that they were still open at mid-night….


From Marseille, France, posted by Jenny Zheng on 6/12/2011 (119 items)

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