Meet-Ups, Guest Speakers

2014-04-07 001

A lot of folks I met wondered what does salsa scene looks like… so this is the floor of Salsa Caribe, the biggest salsa place in Beijing. You could grab a good salsa any day besides Tuesday and Thursday (those are mainly drinks nights)

2014-04-07 002

Wei, a fellow freelance translator, asked me to come out on a Wednesday night to meet up a group of American students visiting the city. 

“But, I’m tired after work.” I whined like an expert.

“But they are your fellow countrymen.”

After countless struggles in my head, I did. They happened to be business students from University of Cincinnati on their rotation of overseas company visit.  A friend of Wei happened to be friend with one of the students’ parents.

Young faces… remind me of my business school years – 10 years ago.  Is it really that long?  Ah good days, when youth mindlessly drifted away…. without warning, time slowly sculpted wrinkles into our faces, like a destiny.

The first time I went to Gallery Hotel right inside the Workers Stadium was Valentine’s Day. I remember that I was very lost looking for the hotel, since I never really remembered a hotel right inside the stadium.  What’s even more surprising was though hotel was hidden and looked tiny for a hotel, it’s got all the luxuries for a 5 star. 

2014-04-07 003_stitch

We had an Internations meet-up here tonight.

2014-04-07 008

free drinks area.

The organizers are also DJs.

2014-04-07 010

Bumped into a fellow Swing dancer, Winnie.

2014-04-07 011

So happy to see Ann, who is a fellow Houstonian, here.

2014-04-07 012

A Taiwanese girl known for her tarot card reading skills – I might wanna try that out Smile

2014-04-07 025

Moishe’s House hosted another speaker salon.  Mark Duval, President of American Chamber of Commerce in Beijing, a former executive of Motorola, took the speaker’s seat.

2014-04-07 026

For the next hour and half, Mr.Duval enthralled everyone of us with his stories on how Motorola first set up its factories and business in China.

2014-04-07 017

His buddy from American Chamber of Commerce, Alex, spoke up.

2014-04-07 027

While visiting my cousin in Wuhan, we went on a bus with very antique seats like these.

The seat fabric were made of rattan, but they looked new and shiny.

At our favorite beef noodle place.

2014-04-07 033

Victoria Secret doesn’t have any shop in China yet, but we found the Chinese version of Victoria’s Secret.