Montevideo, Uruguay

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I had a hard time looking for a place to stay in Uruguay.  Since I planned to stay in Montevideo for two nights, I really wanted to stay with a local.  After sending out numerous couch requests, I was told that most of Uruguayans are still on vacation, so there weren’t many people in town.  I finally resorted to send out a last minute couch request on the forum and since my request was in English, no one replied.  I finally resorted to bump my thread for one more try and finally got Ricardo’s reply in Spanish.  Though I don’t really speak Spanish, I was quite glad that someone finally took me in.

I found their apartments quite easily.  To ease our conversation, Ricardo brought some of his English-speaking locals to help out on some translation.  After they left, we waited for his now-on-now-off girlfriend to come by.   While waiting we talked about my love history, and Ricardo related how he and his girlfriend walked together, “now we aren’t in a relationship, but you never know when we will be back officially.”  Minutes later, that girl showed up.

“After studying Spanish in Buenos Aires for a week, I decided to spend my weekend in Uruguay (just across Argentina on the other side of the river). Since I had a hard time finding a host in Uruguay, I decided to only stay in Montevideo for a night instead of two nights. My Spanish-speaking host Ricardo and his now-on-now-off girlfriend took me in Ricardo’s tiny one-room apartment where we slept on two mattress that were stored behind the closet when not being used at night.”

From Montevideo, Uruguay, posted by Jenny Zheng on 4/07/2012 (85 items)

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