More Snow

2013-03-11 164_stitch

Walking down Houhai on a Sunday morning, the sky was especially blue, a rare scene in the already-over-polluted Beijing.

2013-03-11 166

Ok, I understand there is still ice on the lake, but half of the lake has melted and more is coming.  Are you all that serious to talk your dog on ice?

2013-03-20 003

A friend brought me to a Texas BBQ place not far from my work.  I even found my alma mater on the menu cover.

2013-03-20 006

A automatic library in Wuhan subway.  You could scan your National ID card to borrow books.

2013-03-20 007_stitch

Waking up today, this is what I found in front of my window.


The outdoor clock in front of our building in snow.