Moscow Part II -Lenin & the Parks

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“If you don’t have a lot of time to visit Moscow, at least visit Lenin’s Mausoleum!” So I was told that even after hearing his names so many times in my life, seeing him in person is quite worth the while.  Too bad I can’t take pictures in that little building in front of Kremblin.  After going through several strict security checks, I was finally let in by one of the guards in front of his body.  Here he lays like he was just sleeping, larger than life.  The dim lights around him made him shiny like he was a god.  So it was mentioned that he did not request any special burial on this deathbed.  He just wanted to be buried next to his mother, however, Stalin saw his dead body and came up with an idea to make him an immortal.  Even nowadays the dispute still goes on regarding the proper place of his burial.

After visiting Lenin, it was already too late to visit Kremblin – apparently you had to make appointment to visit several important sites.  So I left that for tomorrow morning since the line can get competitive and you better be here early if you want to get in at all.

Following the river, I walked around for a while till I got to Gorky Park.  You could tell it’s a big park from its gigantic multi-column arch gates spanning across the front entrance.  I was the happy to sit down and watch the locals learning beginning Latin dance at the entrance stage, which kinda reminded me of the dancers in Texas.  Perhaps there is a why this is called a “Latin dance” because Latin people could swing their hips like no other.  It was a bit entertaining to see locals struggle with their muscles working on some usual movements.  Though it does take a bit of practice, but getting good in Latin dance is relatively easy if you are persistent just like practicing anything.  There is really no background requirement and no other way around this.

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